Apple products


Apple Butter

Savour at breakfast; enjoy with crackers and cheese or with
cake. A must try; generously spread apple butter on a piece
of French bread, add some cheese (such as brie), cook in the
oven at 350°F for 10 minutes.
(212 ml)
Also in size gift (212 ml)


Hazelnut and Apple Syrup Mustard

Serve with bread. Tasty with chicken or roasted duck. Use to prepare a salad dressing along with apples and raisins.
(156 ml)



Apple Jelly

Savour on toast, croissants or bagels.
A treat for breakfast !

(212 ml)


Strawberry Cider Jelly
with Tarragon

Serve with grilled meat, poultry and fish. Add to sauces or salad dressings.
(106 ml)


Ice Cider Jelly

Serve with pâté, sausages,
pork chops, or as garnish
on canapés.
(106 ml)





Dressing Cranberries and Mapple syrup

Perfect for green salads, pasta salads,
been salads or for marinade pork and chicken
(250 ml)


Old style Mustard

Excellent with ham and stew; use to prepare salad dressings or serve with smoked meat, hamburgers and sandwiches. (156 ml)

Apple Siryp

Delicious on ice cream,
pancakes and waffles. (100 ml ou 250 ml)

Also in size gingerbread bottle
(100 ml ou 250 ml)



Light Cider Jelly

Excellent served as a canapé or
as topping with cheese or liver pâté. (106 ml)


Raspberry Peppered
Cider Jelly

Serve with meat; chicken, pork, beef. Enjoy with crackers and cheese.
(106 ml)



Fruits Ketchup

In accompagnement with meat pie, turckey,
chicken or serve like a salsa.
(212 ml)



Apple maple ognion confit

Very good with cheeze and liver paté, foie gras, in sandwich or in your favorite cream soup
(212 ml)