Beginning of the apple picking season, Saturday, September 2 with the variety "Paulared". The orchard will be open from 9 to 5.

Posté le 27/08/2017
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More medals!

Posté le 27/08/2017

We are happy to announce that we have won 2 silver medals in the competition "Great Lakes Intenational Cider and Perry 2017" with "Le Petit Bonheur" and the "Special Reserve of Ice Cider"


2 silver medals for "Le Petit Bonheur" and "La Tentation" , and Gold medal for "Fascination" in the competition "the Public Prices 2017"

Our work is rewarded !

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Period of picking Paulared and Early Gold (yellow apple)

Posté le 01/09/2016
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Apples picking Season is comming !

Posté le 23/08/2016

The apple picking season is comming...The apple picking will begin on August 27, with Paulared

The Orchard will be opened every day 9 to 5.  Dogs are permited at parking and pick nick area only.

Our renovated boutik is opened every day 9 to 6, tasting on site (Ice cider, cider, apple mistelle, apple butter, gelly and DISCOVER our NEW products !

Miniature farm.

Welcome everybody !

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New website

Posté le 17/05/2016

Bienvenue sur notre nouveau site internet, nous sommes très fier de le mettre enfin en ligne.

Découvrez Cidrerie / Verger Bilodeau, bonne visite!

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